Who we are

Un'esperienza unica ed esclusiva

Explore Cervino,
a unique and exclusive experience

Simply a tourism groundbreaking start-up that wants to develop a distinct tourism-related scheme.

We wish to offer tourist hospitality that pivots around resources and local culture, offering the tourist a more intense experience and satisfaction.
Quality, exclusivity and well-being of the body and mind are the new philosophy of the modern traveller, a phenomenon that, in our view, requires a strategy related to territorial attention.
Our project is related to the full implementation of the principles of sustainability.
Our model foresees that the development process takes place from the bottom, through the valorization of the vocations belonging to the territory of the Cervino Valley (or Matterhorn Valley).
We join the respect for the integrity of the natural environment to create customized travel package deals.

Our goal is to overcome seasonality, to differentiate and improve the positioning of our area, the Cervino Valley (or Matterhorn Valley)
Our communication strategy is basically based on online marketing, using all kinds of media and social media.
On the web, everything revolves around reputation and satisfaction, but also around narrated experiences then shared by users.
With the use of these tools we gather opinions, new ideas and  we promote our territory better.
By placing the tourist at the centre realizing his demands, we establish a deeper and lasting bond with our Valley.

We of Explore Cervino do this by involving and valuing all the people within the Valley to offer the most authentic experience.



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Explore Cervino is a unique and exclusive experience to live the Valley with the most beautiful mountain in the world.

Through a journey of tourism, haute cuisine, sports and wellness, we accompany the tourist to discover beautiful places all to explore.

Explore Cervino is the new tourist formula for experiencing wonderful emotions in contact with nature.

  • We promote the holiday in the Cervino Valley (or Matterhorn Valley) as a unique and unrepeatable experience of sport, leisure, knowledge and deepening of culture, people and territory.
  • We promote responsible tourism that is based on sustainable consumption and production models.
  • We contribute to the protection, preservation of nature, culture and the identity of the inhabitants of the Cervino Valley (or Matterhorn Valley)
  • We promote a qualitative tourist offer based on the valorisation of the natural, cultural and welcoming heritage of the Cervino Valley (or Matterhorn Valley).
  • We propose initiatives to increase the knowledge of historical-artistic heritage and traditions such as ancient crafts or typical products.

To achieve these goals:

  • We work with institutions, associations, companies, hospitality facilities and retail businesses that share our goals;
  • We promote the holiday in the Cervino Valley (or Matterhorn Valley) through media, web social networks and events;
  • We promote cultural tourism as an opportunity for the knowledge and valorisation of the different areas of the Cervino Valley (or Matterhorn Valley)
  • We hold conferences, seminars, training courses.

Live Explore Cervino: the love for the mountain, lived with unique emotions.

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