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Terms and conditions

The terms “us”, “Company” and “explorecervino.com” refer to Explore Snc Di Pession Tommaso & C., based in Via Roma 62/B 11028 Valtournenche (AO) Italia, its PARTNERS and / or respective service providers and goods, while the term “User” refers to the customer who carries out a reservation directly from this website, through which we provide our services.

The use of this website is subject to acceptance without reservation of the terms, conditions and warnings contained therein, at the time of booking.

Any use by users or by us of your personal account information and bookings made through our website is subject to the following terms, conditions and notifications.

The use of the website constitutes the subscription to all the above terms, conditions and warnings.

If you do not subscribe to these terms and conditions, you are not authorized to use the website.

explorecervino.com may extend the terms of this agreement to its PARTNERS who offer online travel services under the name explorecervino.com in Italy.

Limitation on personal and non-commercial use

This website is intended for personal use only and does not include commercial use. The content and information contained on the website (including, but not limited to, the price and availability of travel services) and the infrastructure used to provide such content and information are property of explorecervino.com, its suppliers and providers. Therefore, using this website you agree not to use the website or its contents or information for any commercial or non-personal (direct or indirect) purpose.

It is allowed to create an unlimited number of copies of the travel itinerary (and related documents) or the information of the services booked through the website, provided that you do not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, license, create derivative works from, sell, sell or resell information, software, products or services obtained from this website.

Furthermore, regardless of the concurrence of a commercial purpose, the user undertakes to not:

  • access, monitor, copy any content or information included on the website through robots, spiders, scrapers or other automated and manual processes for any purpose without the prior written consent of explorecervino.com,
  • violate the limitations of any exclusion protocols contained on this website, or evade or avoid other measures in place to prevent or restrict access to the website;
  • Undertake actions that impose, or may impose, unreasonably heavy or disproportionate burden on Explorecervino.com’s infrastructure, according to the explorecervino.com notice;
  • Insert deep links (referral to an internal page of another website) anywhere in this website (including, but not limited to, the search path for all types of tourist services) for any purpose, without prior written permission from explorecervino.com

Limitation of liability

The information, software, products and services published on this website may submit inaccuracies or typographical errors. more specifically, explorecervino.com, and its partners do not warrant the accuracy and decline liability for inaccuracies concerning hotels, apartments, chalets, locations or other suppliers, relating to photographs, descriptions of hotels, cars or other products descriptions and description of the available services applicable to this website, most of the information is to be communicated by the respective suppliers.

Hotel rates that appear on the website are provided by way of illustration: explorecervino.com and its partners do not guarantee the accuracy of these rates.

The information mentioned here is periodically modified

explorecervino.com, its partners, or the respective suppliers may make improvements or modifications to this website at any time. explorecervino.com, as well as with its affiliates and its suppliers, does not guarantee for of the compatibility of the information, software, products and services contained in this website with other uses, and the inclusion either the sale of whatever product and service on this website does not constitute in any way approval nor recommendation of these products or services by party of explorecervino.com and partners. All the information, software, products and services are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. explorecervino.com disclaims all warranties and conditions relating to the excluded information, software, products and services, including all consequential warranties and conditions of merchantability, eligibility for particular purposes, title, and non-infringement. Carriers, hotels and other travel and services providers for explorecervino.com are independent partnerships and are not employed agents of explorecervino.com. explorecervino.com, al party of its partners, is not responsible for actions, errors, omissions, representations, guarantees, infringements or negligence of one of the successful suppliers, nor injuries, death, damage to personal property or expenses and damages resulting from the application to those suppliers. explorecervino.com, al party of its partners, is not responsible, nor will give refunds, in case of delay, cancellation, overbooking, strikes, forest most or other uncontrolled events, and is not responsible for any other additional tax, omission, itinerary change or shares caused by government or authorities. In no event, explorecervino.com, neither partners, and respective suppliers, would be liable for any person, nor for any direct, incidental, special, or emergency damages caused by or in any way connected to the use of this website, or unsuccessful access or delayed access to this website,nor will be liable for information, software, products and services obtained through this website or following the use of this website, whether in contract, fault, lendency responsibility, or otherwise, even in the eventuality that

explorecervino.com, its partners, and / or its suppliers have been advised of the possible damages. Exclusion or limitation of liability is not allowed in any jurisdictions for compliance with emergency or accidental damages, such exclusion and limitation may not be applied.


The user agrees to defend and indemnify the Company against any claim, action, request, reimbursement, loss, damage, fine, penalty or other costs or expenses of any kind, including, but not limited to, reasonable legal fees caused by :

  • The User or who for him, even in the case of non-liability;


  • third parties resulting from: or the breach by the User of this contract or the non-subscription to the documents contained therein; Or violation by the User of any law or right of third parties; Or the use of this website

Breach of unlawful or prohibited use

Terms of Use of this website are that the user warrants not not to use it for illegal or prohibited purposes under these terms, conditions, and warnings. The user is aware that excessive use, suspicious activity, fraudulent signals or misuse of travel services and booking of this website may result in the cancellation of explorecervino.com of reservations associated to the user, your e-mail address and account as well as the removal of any relevant account from explorecervino.com.

If fraudulent activity is being conducted, explorecervino.com reserves the right to take any legal action necessary and the user may be held liable for explorecervino.com’s monetary losses, including court fees and damages.

To dispute the cancellation of a reservation or block or close an account, contact customer service.

Links to third party sites

This website may contain links to other sites managed by companies other than explorecervino.com.

Such links are provided for reference only.

explorecervino.com, does not control such sites and is not responsible for their content or the use made by the User. The fact that explorecervino.com includes links to the aforementioned sites does not in any way imply endorsement of the material on the linked sites nor is it indicative of any association with the operators of those sites.

Available software on the site

Any downloadable software from the website (the “Software”) is covered by explorecervino.com’s copyright, its partners and / or suppliers. Your use of the Software is subject to compliance with the terms of the license that accompanies or is included in the Software (“Use License”).

It is forbidden to install or use any Software that is associated with or which includes a User License, subject to prior adherence to that User License.

For any Software that does not have a User License, explorecervino.com, warrants to the User a personal and non-transferable license to use to display this website and use it in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and no other purpose.

Please note that all Software, including, but not limited to, HTML codes and ActiveX controls contained on this website, are property of explorecervino.com, and are protected by copyright laws and the provisions contained in international conventions. Any reproduction or dissemination of the Software is expressly forbidden and may result in severe civil and criminal sanctions. Offenders will be processed by law.

Without limitation as declared, copy or reproduction of the software to any other server or support for more reproduction or diffusion is expressly prohibited. The software is equivalently covered by warranty only in conformity with the terms and conditions of the use license agreement.

Service costs explorecervino.com retains the service costs to cover booking fees. Service costs vary depending on the type of booking and the total amount.

Immediate online payment

By completing online payment, the amount due will be charged in Euro. The company that will collect the payment by charging it on the user’s credit card will be:

Explore Snc Di Pession Tommaso & C. explorecervino.com reserves the right to cancel the reservation if it does not receive the full payment within the times provided (see section Vendor Rules and Restrictions). Several bank and credit card companies charge a surcharge to the account holder if the issuer of the card is not in the merchant’s country (as determined by the company itself, eg Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

Any exchange rate and transaction fees are determined exclusively by the bank or by the company handling the transaction.

These costs may be charged by the credit card issuer to the account holder as an additional fee.

In the event of a debit issue by the issuing entity, the supplements will be shown separately from the total cost of the transaction on the credit / debit card statement.

This means that the amount shown on your credit / debit card statement may not match the one shown on the billing summary page for reservations made through this website.

If you have any questions about service charges or any exchange rate charged on your booking, please contact your bank.

The user acknowledges that explorecervino.com negotiates advance rates for services to facilitate reservations.

The user also acknowledges that explorecervino.com delivers services to facilitate such redemption payments (the “brokerage commission”).

The service fee displayed on the website includes the negotiated fare in advance for the services booked on behalf of the user by explorecervino.com and the brokerage commission charged by the latter for its services.

The customer authorizes explorecervino.com to make reservations for the total price, including the rate of the selected services published on the website plus the amounts for the tax recovery, service costs and, where applicable, the taxes on the services provided from explorecervino.com.

The client agrees that the total amount of the reservation will be charged by explorecervino.com on your credit card. By submitting your booking request, the user authorizes explorecervino.com to facilitate the booking of the services for your own account. PRICES The price of the services will correspond to the one proposed from time to time on the website, except in case of specific errors. Prices are subject to change at any time, but changes will not affect reservations already accepted. Despite the ongoing commitment of explorecervino.com, some services listed on the website may have incorrect prices. Explorecervino.com

Right reserved to correct eventual price errors on our website and / or reservation bookings with an error price. if possible, we offer the opportunity to maintain the fair price of the pending reservation otherwise we will cancel it without penalty. explorecervino.com will not be obliged to provide the touristic service at the wrong (lower) price, even if the booking confirmation has already been sent.

Variables and cancellations

The reservation of the accommodation cannot be changed or cancelled, if not subject to the agreement of the application of the penalties, you must contact the customer service, at the e-mail address info@explorecervino.com. Accommodation facilities may apply other cancellation or variation penalties.

Since the penalties vary according to the booking, please read the confirmation email for further details. The customer agrees to pay any cancellation or variation penalties required by the vendor/provider that he/she may incur to. In a limited number of cases, certain service providers do not allow you to modify or cancel bookings made as stated in the hotel reservation rules and restrictions.

The customer agrees to comply with the Terms and Conditions relating to hotel reservations with upfront payment.

The customer does not automatically have the right to cancel, unless expressly indicated in the rules and restrictions of the service providers given before the reservation.

In the event that a supplier is unable to fulfil his / her user’s reservation, explorecervino.com can not be held responsible for any costs. For any problem and need if the User does not contact explorecervino.com to request changes, the entire booking may be cancelled and the eventual refunds will be calculated according to Regulations and Restrictions of the Service Providers as explicitly communicated during the process Of reservation. These Terms and Conditions cannot be modified by unauthorized individuals, including any collaborators and employees of explorecervino.com.

The European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform is available at http://ec.europa.eu/odr

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